Benefits Plans - 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan: Military Leave of Absence

How does taking a military leave of absence affect my 457(b)?
After you return from a military leave of absence, you are allowed to make extra contributions to the plan to make up for those you missed during the leave. This option is provided under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA).

How do you calculate the contributions that were missed during the leave?
The salary deferral amount in effect prior to your leave is used to determine the amount you were contributing before your leave of absence.

These per-paycheck amounts are multiplied by the number of pay periods missed, according to the start and end dates of your leave of absence. This determines the total amount eligible to be made up.

When you return from the leave to an active appointment at the University, you may choose to have extra contributions taken over several pay periods to make up for those that were missed during the military leave.

Am I required to make up the missed contributions?
No, this is completely voluntary. You may choose to make up the total amount, a portion of it, or none at all.

How long do I have to make up the missed contributions?
You have up to three times the length of the leave to make the extra contributions, capped at five years. You may make up the missed contributions in a shorter length of time if you prefer.

If I make extra contributions to the plan, won’t that count against the IRS limit and reduce the amount I can tax-defer into the plan?
No. USERRA grants a special exemption that allows you to exceed the IRS limit that normally caps 457(b) contributions. This permits you to make extra contributions to make up for those missed during the leave in addition to the contributions you will make on your salary after returning from your leave.

Can I make up contributions if I wasn’t enrolled in the Plan prior to the leave?
No. This option is only available if you were participating in the plan before you took the military leave of absence.

Can I make up missed contributions due to other types of leaves of absence?
No. This make up feature only applies in cases of a military leave of absence.

How do I start the process to make up the missed contributions?
Contact the Benefits Office at 734-615-2000 upon your return from your military leave of absence.

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