Health Plan Navigator

The Health Plan Navigator allows you to view side-by-side comparison charts of only those plans you select. You can narrow your focus by:

  • Selecting certain plan features that may be particularly important to you; or
  • Entering your zip code to view plans available in your area; or
  • Choosing specific plans to compare with your current health plan.

The Health Plan Navigator does not make recommendations — only you can determine the plan that best meets your needs.

The Benefits Office recommends that you carefully review all available plans and premium rates as shown in the Health Plan section of the Benefits Office website. The Health Plan Navigator can be a helpful tool as you consider your health plan options. It works best when viewing one to four plans at a time.

To continue to the Health Plan Navigator, please select the role below that describes you.

Notes: (1) Graduate Student Research Assistants (GSRAs), benefit-eligible fellowship holders and medical school students are eligible for GradCare only. Selecting these roles will display GradCare information. (2) The Health Plan Navigator displays important plan characteristics. Additional information is available on the Health Plan section of the Benefits Office website.

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