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Prescription Drug Plan Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Announced

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In May 2005, the Benefits Office conducted the first in a planned series of annual surveys of customer satisfaction with the U-M Prescription Drug Plan. The results of the 2005 survey, administered by the College of Pharmacy, Center for Medication Use, Policy and Economics, were released in a final report in early September.

The target population for the survey was participants in the U-M Prescription Drug Plan. A sample of 4,000 U-M employees and retirees who had used either retail pharmacies or the mail order pharmacy was selected to receive the survey. The survey yielded a 56% response rate.

David Nau, R.Ph., Ph.D., Principal Investigator of the survey project, says: “The purposes of the survey were to benchmark the satisfaction of U-M employees and retirees with the Prescription Drug Plan and identify factors associated with employee/retiree satisfaction. Overall, the results of the survey are positive. Over two-thirds of the respondents reported satisfaction with the plan, with noticeably higher levels of satisfaction reported in the quality ratings for retail pharmacy services. However, one noticeable area for improvement identified in the survey is mail order pharmacy. The consistently lower quality ratings for mail order pharmacy services indicated that plan members desired an improved ability to have their questions answered and improvements in obtaining refills at the mail pharmacy.”

Key results of the survey showed that over two-thirds of respondents were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” and 47% rated the U-M drug plan as better than other drug plans. Faculty and staff rated the plan similarly in satisfaction, while retirees were slightly more satisfied. Plan participants were overall satisfied with services of retail and network pharmacies. U-M pharmacies received the best marks. Future improvements were identified from survey respondents in questions involving access to information about plan coverage, obtaining prior authorizations, and understanding how medications are selected for the preferred drug list. Respondents who clearly understood the drug plan coverage reported fewer difficulties with obtaining needed medications.

Commenting on the value of the survey for continuous improvement of the U-M Prescription Drug Plan, Keith Bruhnsen, manager of the plan, explains: “Conducting a confidential and independent annual survey provides the Benefit Office with a mechanism for internal assessment, offering valuable feedback on current plan performance, participants’ responses to plan changes, and a framework for future programming improvements.”

A repeat of the survey in the Fall of 2006 is planned to learn about satisfaction with the new drug plan administration and mail order pharmacy vendors selected for 2006.

Prescription Drug Plan Customer Satisfaction Survey
2005 Final Report

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