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Seasonale: New Extended-cycle Oral Contraceptive

Page last updated: Tuesday, 14-Sep-2010 15:33:19 EDT

July 19, 2004

Seasonale® offers a 91-day treatment cycle of birth control with only 4 menstrual periods per year. The 91 pills are contained within 3 trays: 84 pink (active) and 7 white (inactive) pills. This product is packaged in such a manner that supplies lower than 91 days cannot be dispensed.

Effective immediately, Seasonale® may be obtained at either your local pharmacy or through the AdvanceRx mail order pharmacy. At your local pharmacy, 3 co-pays will be charged for the 91-day supply. You can save one co-pay by obtaining Seasonale® from AdvanceRx mail order pharmacy. Two co-pays will be charged at mail order for the 91-day supply of Seasonale® as with all other 90-day supply prescriptions.

If you wish to fill your first prescription locally, then subsequent fills at mail order, you will need two prescriptions written by your physician. One prescription to fill locally for the first fill and a second prescription to send to AdvancRx for subsequent fills by mail.

AdvanceRx mail order website:

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