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January - November, 2003

Following are the drug considerations that were reviewed and determined for formulary inclusion and tier placement by the U-M Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee from January through November, 2003.

Drug Name Indication PDL Class
Cardizem LA Angina Yes Tier 3
RelPax Migraine Yes Tier 2
Alinia Diarrhea No Tier 2, ages 1-11yrs only
Emend Nausea No Tier 2, prior authorization (PA)
Restasis Tear Production No Tier 2
Ciprofloxacin Antibiotic Yes Tier 3
Altocor For Lipids Yes Tier 3
Augmentin XR Antibiotic Yes Tier 3
Depo-Testosterone Hormone replacement No Tier 3, quantity limit
Hepsera Hepatitis B No Tier 2, PA
Lexapro Anti-Depressant Yes Tier 3, review data in 6 months
Omnicef Antibiotic Yes Tier 2
Suprax Antibiotic Yes Remove from formulary - product discontinued
Vfend Anti-fungal No Tier 2, monitor utilization
Xyrem Narcolepsy No Tier 2
Zelnorm IBS No Tier 2, monitor utilization
Femring Hormone replacement No Tier 2
Finacea Rosacea No Tier 2
Innopran XL Hypertension Yes Tier 2
Vigamox Opthalmic AB No Tier 2
Xanax XR Anti-anxiety No Tier 3
Xolair Mod to severe asthma No Tier 2, PA
Zymar Opthalmic AB No Tier 3
Levitra Erectile Dysfunction No Tier 3, quantity limit
Crestor Lipids No Tier 2
Paroxetine (generic Paxil) Anti-depressant No Tier 1
Mirtazapine (generic Remeron) Anti-depressant No Tier 1
Amoxicillin/Clavulanate (generic Augmentin) Antibiotic No Tier 1
Oxytrol Urinary Incontinence Yes

Tier 3

Pravigard PAC Cholesterol Yes Tier 2
Emtriva Antiretroviral No Tier 2
Reyataz Antiretroviral No Tier 2
Stalevo Parkinson’s No Tier 2
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