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faqs: transition to novixus pharmacy services for mail order

Page last updated: Tuesday, 01-Oct-2013 10:44:22 EDT

Frequently Asked Questions about the Transition to NoviXus Pharmacy Services

Q: When will the change to NoviXus Pharmacy Services take place?
A: The change will occur on September 1, 2011.

Q: Why was NoviXus Pharmacy Service selected?
A: NoviXus, located in Novi, Michigan, was selected because they offer shorter turnaround times, outstanding customer service, participate with e-prescribing, and provide the best overall savings opportunities compared to other mail order pharmacies.

Q: When can I begin using NoviXus?
A: NoviXus pre-registration will open on August 1, 2011 for prescription fills beginning September 1, 2011. You can continue using Walgreens mail service until August 31, 2011.

Q: What happens to my current Walgreens mail order prescription?
A:  Current mail order prescription records will be automatically transferred from Walgreens mail order to NoviXus Pharmacy Services on September 1, 2011. You will need to register with NoviXus to establish a mail order account in order to continue receiving refills by mail. Some prescriptions for controlled substances may not be transferred and members will be notified to obtain a new prescription from their health care provider.

Q: Do I need to take any action?
  Yes, if you have a current mail order prescription at Walgreens mail service, you will need to register with NoviXus to establish a mail order account.  You will receive a letter with instructions on how to register. Registration will open on August 1, and you may register online, by mail, or over the phone. If your prescription is for a controlled substance, you will be notified that you will need to obtain a new prescription from your health care provider. If you do not use mail order for your prescriptions, no action is required.

Q: Will my specialty medication prescriptions be transferred to NoviXus?
No. Specialty medications will continue to be filled at the University of Michigan Specialty Pharmacy.

Q: Will mail order through NoviXus Pharmacy Services cost more than Walgreens?
A: No. NoviXus will have the same U-M drug plan mail order co-pays that Walgreens mail service had (up to three months medication for two co-pays).

Q: Will I receive a new drug plan ID card?
A: No. Overall administration of the U-M Prescription Drug Plan will continue under MedImpact. Your drug plan member ID number will remain the same and you will continue to use your MedImpact ID card to fill prescriptions.

Additional FAQs about using NoviXus Pharmacy Services

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