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U-M Prescription Drug Plan’s Transition to NoviXus for Mail Order a Success

The transition to NoviXus Pharmacy Services for the U-M Prescription Drug Plan’s mail order service was completed on September 1, 2011.  Teams from the University of Michigan Benefits Administration Office, Human Resources Communications, and NoviXus worked together to ensure a high-level of customer service for U-M drug plan members and a smooth transition for their mail order prescriptions.  To date, nearly 6,000 U-M drug plan members have registered with NoviXus in its first few months of service as illustrated in the table below.

NoviXus Pharmacy Services for
Mail Order

Prescriptions filled for U-M Prescription Drug Plan Members

Average number of days to process and ship

Percent of prescriptions filled with generic drugs

September 2011




October 2011




November 2011




The change to NoviXus has been well-received. “Our experience with NoviXus is very positive with great customer service, fast delivery, more generics being dispensed, and our savings higher than expected,” says Keith Bruhnsen, Assistant Director, Benefits Administration Office Manager, U-M Prescription Drug Plan.

Save Money on Maintenance Medications with Mail Order

Mail order pharmacy service can be used as an alternative to retail pharmacies for 90-day supplies of maintenance medications on which a patient is already stabilized. Maintenance medications are long-term prescriptions that are taken regularly, such as medications to control blood pressure or cholesterol. NoviXus Pharmacy Services, the U-M Prescription Drug Plan’s new mail service pharmacy, provides convenient, secure deliveries of prescription medications to your home at a cost savings over purchasing the same quantity of medication at a retail pharmacy. You pay only two co-pays for a 90-day supply of prescription medications from mail-order, rather than paying three co-pays for a 61- to 90-day supply through a local retail pharmacy. See the Co-pays chart on the Benefits Office website for a comparison of retail co-pay versus mail order. (Please note that co-pays may vary for members of collective bargaining agreements.) Additional advantages of using mail order are:

  • Convenience: You can have a 90-day supply of each of your maintenance medications delivered to your home. To date the average turnaround time for NoviXus to fill and ship prescriptions is less than two days.
  • The university saves money:   In 2010 the university cost for prescriptions for the average U-M drug plan member was $839.  Member out of pocket co-pay cost averaged $120.  The use of mail order saves money for the university as well as the drug plan participants, helping to curb the total costs of health care for the university community.
  • Special customer services: NoviXus offers these customer services to U-M drug plan members:
    • Speak directly with a pharmacist to answer your medication questions, or submit a question online
    • Order refills online, by mail, or by phone by calling the NoviXus 24-hour automated phone line
    • Dedicated phone line for U-M: 877-269-1160.
    • Website exclusively for U-M:

How to Use Mail Order Service

The first step for U-M Prescription Drug Plan members to use mail order is to register with NoviXus. You can register when you send in your prescription or complete the registration process before you have a prescription to fill. After you have registered your doctor can e-prescribe or fax your prescriptions to NoviXus, you can order refills, view your drug history, track order deliveries and submit questions to the NoviXus Pharmacist. See the Benefits Office website for more information.

Use Generics for Additional Savings

A member can save between $20 to $180 per year on a medication using mail order. Additional savings can be obtained by filling mail order prescriptions with generic drugs. Generic drugs are approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), contain the same active ingredients and come in the same dosage forms as their brand-name counterparts, and must meet the same safety, production and performance standards. Generic drugs are available at the lowest co-pay and cost about 75 percent less on average than comparable brand-name drugs, helping to reduce prescription drug cost for both you and the university. Over 70 percent of prescriptions for U-M Drug Plan members filled by mail order since September 1 have been generic drugs.

For More Information

NoviXus Pharmacy Services, located in Novi, Michigan, is accessible on the Web at If you have any questions about prescription mail order service, please call NoviXus Patient Care at 877-269-1160, Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Eastern Time.

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