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This is an overview of the kinds of information faculty, staff, and students need to know before they can travel for research, on sabbatical, or for any other University-related purpose.  University-related travel may include, but is not limited to study, research, internships, service, conferences, presentations, teaching, performances, or athletic competitions.  

The Benefits Office encourages you to read this information before you travel on University business in order to make your trip as safe and smooth as possible.

Travel Policy

The University's International Travel Policy applies to all faculty, staff and students on all campuses. It delineates the requirements for University-related travel overseas, which include Travel Registration, Travel Abroad Health Insurance from the University’s authorized vendor, and travel to University Travel Warning or University Travel Restriction destinations.
Procedures for faculty, staff and students planning international travel, including the process for travel to University Travel Warning and Travel Restriction destinations, is available on the Global Michigan portal:

Global Michigan

Global Michigan serves as the University's central portal to global engagement information: This is a critical component of the University's comprehensive health and safety protocols supporting international travel. All U-M community members should review the International Travel Policy and associated procedures for travel abroad for University-related purposes.
In addition, Global Michigan contains links on study abroad, pre-departure preparations, as well as health and safety information.

Trip Summary Mobile Site

U-M students, faculty and staff with travel information in the Travel Registry can use their mobile devices to quickly access their emergency contacts, U-M contacts and itinerary information on the Trip Summary mobile site at

Off-Campus Travel Book

To be fully prepared while you are away, it will be helpful for you to download the Off-Campus Travel Book (PDF) and read the following sections: "Emergencies"; "Supplemental Travel Insurance"; and "Additional Resources". If you are traveling abroad, make sure to read "Traveling Outside the U.S."
The Benefits Office encourages the following individuals to contact the Benefits Office about coverage before departure:

  • Fellowship holders with GradCare coverage,
  • Benefit-eligible graduate students (GSIs, GSAs, and GSSAs),
  • Emeritus and retired faculty


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