Life Events - COBRA

The right to COBRA coverage was created by federal law, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA). COBRA coverage can become available to you when you would otherwise lose your group health coverage. It can also become available to your spouse and dependent children, if they are covered under your group health plan, under specific circumstances when they would otherwise lose their coverage.

Click on the links below for information about your right to continue your health plan coverage under the University of Michigan group health plans.

How To Pay

Full premiums are due on the first of each month for that month's coverage (i.e., the premium for the coverage period of June 1st through June 30th is due on June 1st.) Any late or partial payments will be processed and refunded.

To pay for your benefits, make your check or money order payable to "University of Michigan" and write your 8-digit UMID number in the memo line on your check preceded by "UMID". Your UMID number is the 8-digit number on your Mcard. (For example, if your UMID number on your Mcard is 12345678, you would write "UMID 12345678" in the memo line of your check.)

Mail your check to the University of Michigan's remittance processing service at the following address:

University of Michigan – Payroll
Box 223081
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-2081